Grow Your Own Herbal Remedies - Softcover - Signed by Author!


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Grow Your Own Herbal Remedies - Softcover - Signed by Author!

Grow Your Own Herbal Remedies: How to Create a Customized Herb Garden to Support Your Health & Well-Being

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Expert herbalist Maria Noël Groves has advice for budding herb gardeners: grow just what your body needs!

In Grow Your Own Herbal Remedies, Groves provides 23 specially tailored garden plans for addressing the most common health needs, along with simple recipes for using each group of herbs. For chronic stomach problems, marshmallow, plantain, rose, fennel, and calendula make the perfect medicine, with recipes for tummy tea and gut-healing broth. Whether the need is for headache relief, immune support, stress relief, or a daily tonic, readers will learn the three to six herbs that are most effective and how to plant, harvest, and care for each one. In all of Groves’s plant suggestions, the emphasis is on safe, effective, easy-to-grow herbs that provide abundant harvests and can be planted in containers or garden beds.

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