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Online Home Herbalist Series

Wintergreen Botanicals Classroom

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Online Home Herbalist Series

Entirely Online ~ 9-Class Introductory Herbal Course ~ At Your Own Pace

NEW! This online series now includes a 1-year student membership to the American Herbalists Guild.*
Webinar videos are in the works as well and gradually being added to the online materials as they become available.

Empower yourself in herbal medicine with Maria's Home Herbalist Series. In these nine classes, you'll learn the core body systems, primary medicinal remedies, and key concepts in herbal medicine as well as a slew of important herbs. Each class covers a body system and at least one remedy, with a few other topics speckled in throughout the series. For each body system, you'll learn how it works, how things get out of balance, and how to use herbs, diet, and lifestyle changes to bring it back into balance. Common health concerns will also be covered, from the cold and flu to PMS to indigestion and acid reflux.

Class 1: Introduction to Herbalism & Herbal Nutrition | The Art of Tea

Class 2: Stress & Energy: Adaptogens for Health | Tinctures

Class 3: Relaxation & Mood: Herbs for the Nervous System | Flower Essences

Class 4: Digestive Wellness: Herbs for the Upper & Lower GI | Herbal Oils

Class 5: Detoxification: Herbs for the Liver, Colon & Urinary Tract | Capsules

Class 6: Herbs to Support Blood Sugar Balance | Skin Salves

Class 7: Heart Health: Hypertension & Cholesterol | Herb Honey & Vinegar

Class 8: Herbs for Immunity, Allergies, Cold & Flu | Elderberry Syrup

Class 9: Herbs for Women & Men | Lip Balm, Cream, Bodycare

*AHG memberships will be submitted periodically throughout the year. Limit: 1 per student per year. Nontransferable. Regular AHG membership is a $70 value. Student membership is a $60 value. Membership benefits include access to a wealth of webinar recordings, free webinars, free audio recordings from past conferences, subscription to the online Journal, discounts to various herbal businesses (including Mountain Rose Herbs), and more. Click here for full member benefits. You will receive an email from the AHG once your membership is active with login information to access the benefits. I need to submit a minimum of 5 students at a time, so membership may take weeks or months to become active but then will last for one year.

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