AHG Membership Upgrade


$ 45.00

For anyone who is a current student that would like to add an American Herbalists Guild student membership, you can do so by paying this $45 upgrade fee. Note that AHG membership is normally $70 if you register yourself with the AHG, $60 for general public students. This is a special discount opportunity for Wintergreen Botanicals students only. Membership is not transferrable to other people. Membership may take a few weeks or months to become active and then will last for one year. Maria will email you when your membership is submitted to the AHG (5 students are needed minimum for her to do this), and within a few weeks, the AHG staff will email you with a membership confirmation and details on how to log in to access your benefits. For more details on AHG member benefits, see https://www.americanherbalistsguild.com/become-ahg-member