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2019 Classroom BEYOND the Home Herbalist Series

Wintergreen Botanicals Classroom

$ 375.00
2019 Classroom BEYOND the Home Herbalist Series

Take Your Herbal Studies One Step Further

Runs Wednesday Nights September - November 2019
9-Class Introductory Herbal Course
All Classes Take Place At Wintergreen Botanicals in Allenstown, NH

Want to deepen your studies in herbal medicine? This series picks up where the Home  Herbalist Series leaves off. Following a similar format,  in these nine classes, you'll learn about additional body systems and common health concerns, how to make unique medicinal remedies, and key concepts in herbal medicine as well as a slew of important herbs. Each class covers a body system and at least one remedy. For each body system or health concern, you'll learn how the body should work, how things get out of balance, and how to use herbs, diet, and lifestyle changes to bring it back into balance. Common health concerns will also be covered, from the strong bones to brain health, chronic pain, to skin health.

Certificate available for students who go through all the course materials and complete all the homework.

  • 9/4: Class 1: Backyard Medicine | Tea Blending
  • 9/18: Class 2: Herbal Safety | Herb-Infused Broths
  • 9/25: Class 3: Longevity & Vitality | Cordials, Elixirs & Oxymels (Herb Walk)
  • 10/2: Class 4: Brain-Boosting Herbs | Brainiac Bonbons
  • 10/16: Class 5: Strong Bones | Nourishing Infusions & Seaweed Snacks
  • 10/23: Class 6: Managing Chronic Pain | Gin Raisins or Topical Pain Oil (Herb Walk)
  • 10/30: Class 7: Strong Lungs | Herbal Cough Syrup & Glycerite
  • 11/6: Class 8:Healthy Skin with Herbs | Flower Water & Herbal Exfoliant
  • 11/13: Class 9: Herbal Allies for Weight Loss | Herbal Chocolate Truffles!

If you miss a class, you still have access to all the online materials.

More course details and dates available at

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