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2019 Advanced Herbalist Training Program


$ 1,300.00
2019 Advanced Herbalist Training Program

Originally $1500 for 15 classes
Now prorated for $1300 for the remaining 13 classes

Taught by Clinical Herbalist Maria Noël Groves, RH (AHG) & Guest Instructors

2019 Season in the Wintergreen Botanicals Classroom in Allenstown, NH

Every Other Wednesday (15 classes total)
May - November 2019 ~ DAYTIMES 9:30 am - 4 pm

Develop your skills as an herbalist to do what you love as a business!
This series offers a range of information in an intensive classroom format with approximately 90 hours of in class time plus an additional 50-90 hours of integrative at-home study homework (including detailed monographs, research, plant ID, seeing clients, custom formulation, final project/presentation). Gain and practice a range of skills to help you turn your love of herbalism into a career or to deepen your home practice. Students who complete the program will receive a certificate of completion.

The Advanced  series can be taken as a stand-alone program for students who already have a solid background in Western herbal medicine. Beginning students may take all of Maria's series together in one year (which is quite intense with a lot of homework!) or spread out the beginner Home Herbalist and Beyond Series for year 1 and then take the Advanced in year 2. You may also opt to take the Home Herbalist and Beyond Series as online classes at your own pace during my off season, then pick up the Advanced course in the spring.

This series is also a component of the Herbalist Training Certificate Program.

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