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2019 Intensive Class: Art of Formulation

Wintergreen Botanicals Classroom

$ 85.00
2019 Intensive Class: Art of Formulation

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Art of Formulation Day-Long Intensive Class
Taught by Maria Noel Groves, Clinical Herbalist & Author
Saturday, May 18, 10 am - 3 pm

This new class has been created at the request of students and new herbalists! Feeling confused or lacking confidence in how to best extract and delivery your herbs for maximum potency or how to create a custom formula that works well? Explore the art and science of herbal formulation with Maria. Topics will include…
  • Basic herbal energetics (hot, cold, moist, dry) and taste
  • Formulation: Primary, Supportive, Synergist/Harmonizer, Good Vibrations
  • Tricky Constituents: tannins, resin, mucilage, polysaccharides, etc.
  • When to opt for tea infusion, decoction, super infusion, cold infusion, ideal length of time
  • Tips for tinctures, teas, glycerites, vinegar, honey, oxymel, pill, powder, oils...
  • How to make remedies taste good
  • How to make remedies more potent
  • Bad combinations
  • Checklist for formulating for a client
  • Food as Medicine: best herbs for delivery in food (hot milk, soup/broth, honey, vinegar, smoothie, oatmeal, hummus, nut butter balls, applesauce, yogurt, pesto…)
  • Alcohol-free options
  • Various tastings and hands-on activities to see how blending various herbs can elevate the medicine and flavor of your remedy
Fine Print: While we cover this topic *briefly* in the Home Herbalist Series and Beyond the Home Herbalist Series and then somewhat more in depth in the Advanced, this intensive will allow for even more time and interactive activities. (The entire intensive class notes will be included in the Advanced series notes even though we will not spend as much in-class hours on the topic due to the amount of info we already cram into those advanced class days.) ANY student can take the intensive, but I do recommend you have at least some prior understanding of herbs.
Please note that my sweet and well-behaved (but not hypoallergenic) dog will be present in the classroom.
Please bring a brown bag lunch and let me know of any food or herb allergies.